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Any time you take part in a PAL event, you're a part of something special. Check out what we've got planned for the coming months!

PAL 2020 Events

June Football Clinic

PAL's mission is to empower under served youth through a combination of athletics, academics, and mentorship. The June Football Clinic is just one of the ways we fulfill this mission. During this event, the children will get to play and learn, both about the sport and about their own strengths. We will be inviting ex-coaches and players to motivate, inspire, and encourage the children to pursue goals and dreams.

June 2020

Ajax Park, Legon

Nkabom Conference

The PAL Nkabom Conference is scheduled to take place in the month of September. This conference seeks to bring several grassroots NGOs together to discuss and collaborate in pursuit of new goals. Together, we can do more!

Sept 5

NHIS Registration

The Play and Learn Foundation is dedicated to helping our community thrive. One way we contribute is by hosting an annual National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) Registration Event, where we help families and children sign up for and renew under the scheme. Last year, we helped over 200 people in the Okponglo community sign up for the National Health Insurance Scheme. This year, we plan to match and exceed that number.

October 2020

Sanitation Day

PAL's Sanitation and Environmental project seeks to familiarize the public with the practice of recycling and its importance. Additionally, in celebration of World Sanitation Day, we will be organizing a clean-up effort in our community. It is our goal to leave our world a better, cleaner place for all.

Nov 19

PAL's Merry Kidmas Party

Each year, PAL hosts its Merry Kidsmas Party. It is a day filled with food and fun for children in our communities. Additionally, PAL engages a team of healthcare workers to provide thorough health screenings for all the children. This year is extra special because - on top of food, games, and health screenings - PAL is planning to give gifts to 200 children! After all, giving is the reason for the season.

Dec 19

Ajax Park, Legon

Our Past Successes

For over five years, the Play and Learn foundation has been hosting events that seek to empower our kids and our community. Check out these examples of our past work to see how far we've come and how far we're going!

PAL COVID-19 Relief Fundraiser

Staying home doesn't stop us from supporting our community. With the help of our generous supporters, we were able to raise 5,000$ to support 61 local families impacted by the pandemic. This money will go into creating monthly relief packages, allowing these families to remain safe while still getting the necessities they need. Although this event was completely online, it should still be celebrated!

Walk It Out (Mental Health Walk)

On March 6th, PAL held the 'Walk it Out' mental health walk to highlight the importance of mental health. People everywhere organized this mental health march in order to highlight the importance of mental health and encourage people, especially students at the University of Ghana, to seek help when they need it.

Street Love Project

On February 29th, the Play and Learn Foundation got out into our community as part of our Street love Project. We raised money and fed 1,000 people who live on the streets. We know that all members of our community deserve dignity and a full belly, and we hope to continue to do what we can to support.

Yaa Asantewaa Girl Empowerment Program

The Play and Learn Foundation believes that equality and empowered women are key to a more prosperous future for everyone. We want to do our part. So, PAL created a unique new girl empowerment program: the Yaa Astanewaa Girl Empowerment Project. This project aimed to enhance and empower young women and girls with through lectures, workshops, and mentorship. Every month, we held special events with specific themes to foster self-reflection, confidence, and critical thinking. Additionally, each participant had a Big Sister - an older role model - to guide them through these activities and provide them with social support that extends beyond the program. We hope to expand this and similar community outreach programs in the future. Together, our stars will shine!

2019-2020 YAGEP Events

Girl empowerment: first lecture
Girl empowerment: stronger together
Yaa Asanetwaa talk on Consent
Yaa Asantewaa talk on gender-based vioence

'Yes She Can' Walk

As part of our community outreach mandate, the Play and Learn foundation hosts an annual 'Yes She Can' walk to celebrate the accomplishments of women and sensitize the public to the importance of gender equality. In 2018, the 'Yes She Can' walk engaged hundreds of students at the University of Ghana and in the surrounding community.