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There are many ways to get involved with Play & Learn - locally and remotely. We are always looking for committed and talented individuals to help us serve Ghanaian youth.


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Are you interested in finding out more about our programming? Academic support, athletic training, mentorship, and community outreach are the pillars of PAL.

The Foundation

The Play & Learn Foundation (PAL) brings together boys and girls who have a passion for play, a drive to lead, and a desire to pursue academic and professional excellence. By targeting underserved communities, PAL seeks to provide opportunity where it is most needed. Play & Learn engages youth in programming that encompasses football and sport training, academic support, mentorship, and community outreach. We do this by providing access to fun, safe, equipped spaces that are supported by committed tutors, coaches and mentors. Play & Learn works to empower our participants to pursue their passions and achieve their full potential.

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Our Vision

A world in which all African youth are supported in their pursuit of academic excellence and skills development, so that they may become the leaders of their generation.

Our Mission

To empower underserved Ghanaian girls and boys through a combination of academics, athletics, professional mentorship, and community contribution to develop the skills needed to become leaders in their local and global communities.

“We can do no great things, only small things with great love”


What We Do

Our programs focus on academic support, sports training, mentorship, and community outreach to develop both the hard and soft skills our youth need to become leaders in their communities.


Interactive, small-group tutoring sessions focus on English language development, creative thought, and general homework help.


PAL's Nkonsonkonson Mentor programme matches a select group of adolescents with a local mentor who is able to provide support and guidance in the child's area of interest.


In Ghana, football is a force that transcends tribal divisions, language, age and other cultural divides. In addition to football skills training, PAL athletics sessions also serves to develop skills such as teamwork, time management and discipline.

Community Outreach

PAL partners with other local organizations on community outreach activities. This allows PAL youth to practice respect and tolerance, as well as develop a keen understanding of the importance of community service.

With time, we will grow

The Play & Learn Foundation is slowly diversifying programming and expanding to other underserved communities. In due course, PAL will develop programs across Ghana, the West African region and Africa, as a whole.


Though primary and secondary public education tuition fees are subsidized by the Ghanaian government, many other associated fees must still be paid by the child’s family.


The purchase of a large van will allow PAL to engage participants beyond the football field and classroom, as part of the anticipated 'Learning on the Go' programme.

Funding Needs

These are things that can't wait and we need YOUR support to make them happen!

Mobile Library

The communities in which PAL operates have extremely limited resources. A mobile library will provide books and other supplies that will help to further instill a desire for lifelong learning and a promotion of reading with participating children.

Working towards a world in which all African youth are supported in their pursuit of academic excellence and skills development, so that they may become the leaders of their generation.