Vision and Growth

Vision and Growth

PAL envisions a world in which all African youth are supported in their pursuit of academic excellence and skills development, so that they may become the leaders of their generation. Here's how we'll make it happen.

Community Centre

Another major initiative for Play & Learn is the construction of a Community Center with football facilities. The community center would serve as a more permanent and well-resourced home for PAL programming. Included in the community center will be a library, an IT room, and a large multi-purpose classroom space. The community center will also have football facilities, specifically an artificial turf pitch with lighting and storage space for equipment.

Expanding to Other Communities

In the short- and medium-term, PAL will be expanding its programming to other underserved communities in Ghana. We are currently partnering with the Volta Revival Foundation and the Maranatha Beach Camp School to work with children in the Ada Foah community of the Volta region. In the long-term, PAL will develop partnerships and programmes across Ghana, and throughout the West African region and Africa, as a whole.

Library Programming

PAL also plans to diversify our programming for current participants. One way in which we will do this is by offering day-programming on Saturdays, based off of our Mobile Library. We have recognized that our kids need a safe, fun, and educational space to spend their free time on the weekends. Currently, children are spending time at game centres or wandering their unsafe neighbourhoods. This programme will offer youth a fun, friendly, and supervised environment in which to be social, read a book, or work on arts and crafts.

Learning on the Go

Another programme that will serve to diversify our current line up is our highly anticipated Learning on the Go programme. Learning on the Go will serve to engage PAL youth beyond the football field and classroom and introduce them to historic and cultural experiences they would not otherwise have the opportunity to participate in. Even in the Greater Accra Region alone, there are a plethora of historic sites and cultural attractions which would serve to broaden our students' knowledge and understanding of their own history and culture. In order to ensure the sustainability of this programme, PAL is working towards the purchase of a large van to facilitate transportation and minimize recurring costs. This van will also serve as an income generating tool, as it will be available for rental to other groups and organizations when not being used for PAL programming.

Coming Soon . . . Akoma Ntoaso Summer Exchange Program

Come summer 2021, the Play and Learn Foundation will offer the Akoma Ntoaso Summer Exchange Program. This program invites young students from around the world to experience Ghanaian culture in the classroom, through community service, and on field trips. The program's three main components—Classroom and Cultural Immersion, Community Service, and Cultural Exploration—are designed not only to foster learning but to connect participants to the local community. Additionally, participants will undertake a 3-credit course in Service Learning, which they can transfer back to their home university. All revenues from the program will go straight back to PAL, allowing us to continue funding and expanding our local programs into the future.