Get Involved


Are you coming to Ghana or interested in doing so? Volunteer with the Play and Learn Foundation! In doing so, you will be supporting a local non-profit initiative, have the chance to play and learn with amazing people, and come away with credible memories. See below for some roles our volunteers play.

Community Tutoring

Volunteers are expected to home-tutor students and children of various ages living in the communities we serve. These home-tutoring sessions happen 3 times in a week.

Mobile Library

As part of our mobile library initiative, volunteers meet at the Ajax Park on Sundays and Wednesdays to help students enhance their literacy, vocabulary, and English grammar through reading, spelling, and writing exercises.

Football Coaching

Volunteers meet the kids at the Ajax Park and encourage the kids to learn as they play. Sports are a tool to enhance their character and soft skills. The kids meet their volunteers on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.

Projects and Programmes

Volunteers may help contribute, facilitate, and organize events that PAL undertakes during their stay in the organisation.

Fundraising and Grant

Volunteers may help PAL raise funds locally and internationally by writing proposals and doing research on potential funding opportunities. This funding powers our work in the short and long term, making it absolutely essential.

Corporate Sponsorships and Partnerships

Volunteers may be in charge of distributing letters to corporate organisations. These volunteers would also be tasked with identifying potential sponsors and partners who could help in facilitating PAL’s projects.

Publicity and Social Media

All volunteers are expected to help increase PAL’s online presence through social media. Additionally, volunteers may help build PAL’s media library through videography, photography, fliers, and the creation of social media content.

Akoma Ntoaso Summer Exchange Program

Join us in July 2021 for a summer like no other!

Akoma Ntoaso Summer Exchange Program

Are you interested in coming to Ghana, volunteering with the Play and Learn Foundation, and earning academic credit? Then join us for the first every Akoma Ntoaso Summer Exchange program!

The program runs through the month of July 2021, but applications are open now! Click below to learn more and apply!

About the Program

This incredible opportunity gives young people around the world the chance to explore, play, and learn in Ghana. Participants will learn about responsible community service through an accredited, 3-credit hour course, offered through the University of Ghana. Outside of the classroom, participants will support PAL operations, engage with the children we serve, give back to the community through our special community service project, and, of course, experience the excitement and wonder of Ghanaian history, culture, and daily life.


Gain professional experience at the Play and Learn Foundation


Do you have a skill set, such as grant or proposal writing, event planning, or fundraising? Do you want to volunteer in Ghana, or remotely, and earn credit for doing so? Intern for PAL!

An internship with the Play and Learn Foundation is a unique experience. Whether in person or abroad, you will be directly supporting the operations of PAL in a meaningful way. We love self-starting individuals who are willing to take initiative and make a project their own. Grant writing, event planning, and fundraising are just some of the broad, flexible ways that you can support us. If you have alternative skills or ideas that you think could contribute to our efforts, then click the button below to reach out!

What does an internship with PAL look like?

A PAL internship offers flexibility, not only in scheduling but also in direction. Our interns enjoy a high degree of self-determination: they are able to play to their own strength, engage in activities and projects that they believe in, and drive their own experience. 


Internships can take place in-person, or remotely. Our in-person interns can pursue a variety of on-the-ground activities, such as designing and setting up projects, engaging with the children we serve, evaluating current projects, or conducting in-person research. Remote interns can also pursue a variety of activities, such as research fundraising, proposal writing, social media work, and more!

As stated previously, an internship with PAL is flexible and self driven; if you have something you want to offer, in person or remotely, then let us know!

What have past interns done?

  • grant writing
  • fundraising events
  • initiating donation drives
  • remotely engaging with donors
  • field research of program efficacy
  • remote research  on avenues for growth
  • so much more!

What is the process like?

As a small organization, the Play and Learn Foundation operates much more like a family than a corporation. Therefore, we operate on a case-by-case basis with our interns. We will be working with you closely, helping you gain valuable skills and encouraging you to take on new challenges. At the same time, you will be working closely with us to brainstorm, implement ideas, and track progress. So, if you are interested in joining us as an intern, please contact us so that we can learn more about each other!

Are internships paid?

Internships with the Play and Learn Foundation are not financially compensated. However, we can arrange for you to receive academic credit hours for the work that you do with us. This is an especially great opportunity for individuals pursuing majors in education, social work, sports administration, or the arts. Additionally, if your university offers grants for unpaid internships, we can help you put together a funding application.

What are the benefits of interning with PAL?

After your internship, you will be able to benefit from references and recommendations that will speak to your strengths and experience with us.

If you are a college student at an accredited university, you may be able to receive academic credit hours for your time with us!

You will benefit from knowing your work had a meaningful impact on our operation and on the children we serve. This is your chance to make a global impact!

Meet Our Current Interns


PAL Intern, 2020, USA

What are you working on now?

"The work I’m doing towards the virtual learning program include fundraising, grant writing, and researching ways to get technology to the children. We are working on setting up some type of educational program for the kids so that they can continue their learning and connect with their friends online."

What skills have you gained during this internship?

"I have been learning how to write for a nonprofit, budget, plan, and get the organization. Not only am I learning the professional skills I need to work for a nonprofit but I am also striving to make a difference in these children's lives."

Advice for future interns?

"My advice to anyone thinking about interning for PAL virtually, is to do as much research as you can to get an idea of the community and to use your resources to think outside of the box."


PAL Intern, 2020, USA

Why PAL?

“What really interested me about PAL was its evident passion to better the lives of the Ghanaian youth. I also love that PAL incorporates football in their programming. I am a football enthusiast and have had firsthand experience with the many benefits that this sport can develop.”

What are you working on?

"I am currently aiding the development of Learning on the Go, which aims to engage students in experiential learning through field trips and internships. I am reaching out to other organizations that have achieved similar goals to gain advice as to how to improve our proposal."

What skills have you gained during this internship?

"This internship has allowed me the opportunity to foster my professional network in more ways than one. In addition to developing new, genuine relationships with my supervisors, I also have had the chance to expand on my existing connections."

Christy Stephens

PAL Intern, 2020, USA

Why PAL?

“PAL stood out to me because, out of all the places I could have worked, it was the one with a message and goal I was most passionate about. I knew I would do my best, most motivated work if I interned with an organization that was doing work I cared about helping.”

What are you working on?

"We’re developing new ideas to maximize learning, improve the kids’ experience, and make the program run smoother with a better organization and structure. Additionally, we’re working on fundraising and campaigning for supplies to implement some of those improvements, so we’ll be setting up a GoFundMe, a way to accept book donations, and also applying for grants."

What skills have you gained during this internship?

"As a recent graduate, the thing I want to improve on most is self-discipline and time-management. This internship has been letting me hone those skills . . . I knew I would do my best, most motivated work if I interned with an organization that was doing work I cared about helping."

Brooke Tentis

PAL Intern, 2020, USA

Why PAL?

“I first heard about the Play and Learn Foundation when I was searching for an internship placement through the University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC) program. PAL stood out to me because they provided their interns with flexibility and creativity when working with the foundation.”

What are you working on now?

"I am currently working on a new project that I was able to propose myself. I am working on creating a dance program that will provide the students of PAL with an increased cultural understanding through dance education."

Advice for future interns?

"My advice to future interns would be to follow your instincts and intuition. Remember that the PAL foundation values your input and ideas very much. They will assist you in making those ideas come to life, so don’t be afraid to tell your perspective and take on big projects. Creating something that was inspired by me has been motivating and rewarding in ways that I never saw possible. "


Join our global network!


Are you interested in sharing PAL’s mission and garnering support for our programs? Become a global ambassador for PAL! You will be joining a diverse team of people from around the world who actively support and promote our mission.

What does a PAL ambassador do?

Our ambassadors can be found around the world, and they are responsible for promoting our efforts on a global scale. This involves using social media to highlight our fundraising campaigns, organizing events in their community that support our efforts, engaging with potential donors in their home country, and more! As an ambassador, you would act to represent the Play and Learn Foundation wherever you go so that we can continue to grow and serve.

Why are ambassadors important to the Play and Learn Foundation?

The Play and Learn foundation is a relatively small organization supporting local needs. Our size is our strength; it allows us to get close to our community and to be flexible in challenging situations. But, because of our size, we rely on our ambassadors to spread the word and garner interest for us. We need a wide web of support around the world in order to be successful, and our ambassadors help make that happen.

What is required of an ambassador?

Every ambassador is required to participate in at least one PAL campaign or project. Ambassadors must also promote the PAL vision on social media if they have access to those platforms. Although there is no set time commitment for being an ambassador, we do expect that ambassadors will follow through with what they sign up for and will communicate their progress in a timely manner. There are no location requirements to be an ambassador.